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World Ender: The Commandments of Style

It's all about what you wear
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 24, 2012
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Accept the fact: First impressions count and women will judge you on what you wear and you look like—we’re not talking about if you’re guwapo or not, rather how well-groomed you are; besides no can exactly define what good-looking is anymore, but you can definitely spot what poor fashion sense is. To avoid a tepid social life and committing every fashion faux pas imaginable, we’ve come up with a style guide that every man should know if he wants to meet, interest or keep a girl.

                                            Above: what not to wear on a first date

1) Wear clothes that fit properly. It’s an obvious faux pas. She will base initial judgment on your clothes so make sure you look neat and presentable. Anything too loose will look sloppy (no more lawlaw jeans, please). Anything too tight will make you look like a hipster wannabe. In other words: wear something that isn’t two sizes bigger for you and/or where you can breathe and move comfortably in. Dirty, wrinkled clothes are also out of the question.  

2) Obsess over your shoes. Because she will. Of all the things you’re wearing, women will linger on your shoes the most; how a man chooses or wears his shoes says a lot about his personality and his taste. Make sure to pick a pair that’s appropriate. Clean and polished leather lace-ups or loafers are always a safe bet. Canvas sneakers can also work for a less dressy venue. But whatever you’re wearing, leave off the scruffy white cross-trainers or the beat-up Chuck Taylors at home. Don’t even consider flip-flops.

3) When in doubt, go with a crisp pair of khakis. A well-fitting pair matched with a cotton button-down shirt or polo (also well-fitting) is a simple, understated yet classy get-up that looks good on anyone. A pair of slim-fitting gray slacks is also a good option.
Absolutely no athletic wear. That would mean no sports jerseys (it doesn’t matter if she’s an American football, basketball or soccer fan), no baseball caps, no moisture-wicking tees, no running shoes.

4) Just as you shouldn't under-dress, you shouldn't overdo it either. A suit jacket might be too overwhelming especially if you’re just hanging out at a pizzeria. So be aware of the unstated dress code wherever you’re going.

5) Keep it simple. The first date is the one time to avoid extremes, nor is it the time for showing off your true persona or creating a new one. Stay clear of graphic shirts, or fun, zany accessories. Stick to the classic and just strive to manifest how truly interesting you are through your witty conversation.

6) Stand straight. Your mother knew what she was saying. A nice get-up is completely useless if you wear it with the stance and conviction of Quasimodo. Standing tall and proud conveys confidence, which is a definite turn-on to women.

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