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And The Award For The Country With The Longest Manoys Goes To...

Get ready to feel "inadequate" down there, bros!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 3, 2015
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Prepare to feel a bit "inadequate" down there, bros! Another report about the never-ending and all-important study on world penis sizes has surfaced!

world penis sizesGIF via

Conducted by BodyRock, a Canadian company whose expertise lies in helping people work out in their own homes, the report states this rather obvious (and painful) fact once again: Asian wangs aren't gifted in the length department. #Ouch

Well, at least we have longer manoys on average than our neighbors in India and Thailand, as the graphic below shows:

world penis sizesImage via

The report studied info on 80 countries, which yielded yet another obvious tidbit: The Republic of Congo is the runaway winner of the Weiner Wars at a porn-worthy average dick size of just over seven inches!

A few more interesting deets from the new study:

  • The global average is 5.5 inches.
  • South America is the most gifted continent at 6.35 inches.
  • Only three percent of the global male population exceeds eight inches in length (which probably explains why we see the same dudes in adult videos over and over again).

Also, despite what you saw in the infamous Kim K-Ray J and Pamela A-Tommy Lee sex tapes, Uncle Sam isn't exactly well-hung, as the US only registered an average penis length of 5.1 inches, which is below the global average.

But whatever country you're from, we bet you don't have what it takes to match up with this guy:

world penis sizesImage via

That's Jonah Falcon, the world-record holder for the longest penis at a jaw-dropping 13.5 inches, laughing at your puny pecker.

Going back to the chart, we kinda feel sorry now for the men of North Korea. Not only do they have to endure poverty and Kim Jong-Un, they're also at the very bottom of the penis size ranking at a meager 3.8 inches. Man, they really have it, uhm, hard!

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