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Sweet CEO Or Social Media 'Hokage'? Netizen Accuses Xian Gaza Of Being A Fraud

Well, that escalated quickly
by Andrei Medina | Jul 4, 2017
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By now, you must have at least heard about Xian Gaza, an entrepreneur who’s recently become the talk of the town, thanks to his lavish display of affection towards actress Erich Gonzales, whom he asked out via a billboard proposal.

His controversial proposal went viral and netizens have mixed reactions. Some praised Gaza for the standout effort, while others thought the stunt was a creepy move that put unfair pressure on Erich since it was done publicly. The latter even deemed it was a boastful representation of male entitlement.

Concurrently, a netizen, Dewanie Catapang, has accused Gaza as nothing more than a scammer.

According to Catapang's Twitter posts, people should be more discerning of the entrepreneur whom she referred to as a “Hokage,” a term that became popular because of the anime series Naruto and is now used to describe someone who employs “ninja moves” to hook up with ladies.

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To prove her point, Catapang earlier went on a Twitterstorm and grumbled about Gaza. Here are some accusations she has made:

She said he’s a scammer.

Catapang claimed that she has worked for Gaza in what was supposed to be a charity effort for victims of super typhoon Yolanda. However, she and her co-workers later found out that the said project was a scam.

She also called him out for making inappropriate advances towards her.

Catapang shared how Gaza tried to hit on her before but failed. She claims that he is using his social media prowess to force women to give in to him.

She added that he was also using Erich for his own gains.

And that he has other “sources of inspiration” other than Erich:

She also urged netizens to not fall for Gaza's apparent humblebragging on social media.

Gaza has since denied that he is using his public proposal to Erich for business interests, insisting it was his “sincere coffee date invitation” for the actress.

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We welcome Xian Gaza's side of the story. has reached out to him for his comments and we are waiting for his reply.  

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