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Yahoo!'s Purple Thumb now online

<p>Your source for election information</p>
| Feb 18, 2010
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Exactly when do you get a purple thumb? One way is you can hit your thumb with a hammer using a moderate amount of strength, which turns it purple (or black, which means you overdid it.) [firstpara] The other way involves voting in the national elections, where you’ll be leaving with a purple thumb mark afterwards.

Self-inflicted pain aside, Purple Thumb also happens to be Yahoo! Philippines’ microsite for all things Election 2010. Realizing how the Internet has changed the whole campaign and election process, the said microsite aims to provide voters with a comprehensive information database.

It seeks to become this massive hub of election-related news, which will definitely help people looking to gauge which candidate to vote in the upcoming polls. Trustworthy media partners such as ABS-CBN,, and Manila Bulletin enforce credibility, while bloggers and local NGO’s have also been invited to provide information, which makes the site more rounded and balanced.

The most important aspect of Purple Thumb though is its user-generated content. The site encourages its users to voice out their opinions through Yahoo’s own social media tools such as Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo’s Twitter-like service, Yahoo! Meme.

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With these, people will be able to share photos, bits of information, and videos related to the elections, which should only help voters make a better, or if not better, a more informed choice.

So clearly, the Purple Thumb’s comprehensive set of features won’t be making it easy for candidates to hide all their “misgivings.”     


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