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Youtube Surfing: October 1

When popstars puke
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 1, 2012
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When the Anti-Cybercrime Act comes into effect on October 3, who knows how this country's going to look like? Are we all going to jail for having accidentally downloaded a couple movies here and there? Are the Internet-police going to come barging in after we tweet that Senator A's moustache is much more impressive than Senator B's? Will we still be able to download cat pictures? We have two days till then to imagine these possibilities. For now, a slew of silly Internet videos to blow off that Monday steam.

Justin Bieber Throws Up
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Seeing people throw up is already funny. But when the person doing the puking is teen idol Justin Bieber, it's even funnier. So now, whenever we're feeling bad that this Bieber dude has more money than the rest of us, we can always throw him this little nugget: "Well, you threw up on stage, and thousands of people saw it...LIVE!"

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