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Zuckerberg: FB Fake News Didn't Propel Trump To Victory

'People are smart and they understand what's important to them'
by Andrei Medina | Nov 11, 2016
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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has vehemently denied that the world’s largest social media site has influenced the outcome of the US elections via fake news.

In a speaking engagement, the 32-year-old billionaire addressed netizens’ concerns that Facebook did not do its part to control the dissemination of fake news, TechCrunch reports.

“Personally, I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, of which it’s a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea,” he said.

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Zuckerberg added that Donald Trump emerging as the winner in the recently concluded US elections, despite the issues hounding him all boiled down to the voting public’s preference.

“People are smart and they understand what’s important to them,” he added.

However, others have contested this saying that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm might have led to the more gullible netizens to have unintentionally placed themselves inside a “filter bubble” that mostly highlights fake news.


This in turn led them to more likely than not like, comment on and eventually share the fake news items which create a so-called multiplier effect.

For his part, Facebook Vice President of product management Adam Mosseri admitted that there’s room for improvement on the News Feed feature especially when it comes to filtering fake news.

Zuckerberg’s statement comes after defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s supporters flocked the streets in pocket protests where they protested Trump’s win.

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