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Hilarious 'Start 2018 Right' Tweets To Try Out Come New Year's Eve

'If you start playing S2pid Luv at exactly 11:58:53 on New Year's Eve, you'll hear, and get to shout, the first 'STUPID!' when the clock strikes midnight'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 20, 2017
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Just when we thought that the last days of the year would pass peacefully, a new trend to "start 2018 right" has emerged on social media. What Twitter peeps have been up to recently is meticulously doing the math to sync (parts of) particular songs to the stroke of midnight.

From giving their beloved tunes a special mention to mocking the ditties that they loathe the most, netizens are really stretching their creativity with these viral music countdowns. Interestingly enough, some are even in Filipino context, featuring OPM artists.

Here are the best and relatable examples:

Ninety percent will even sing along to Salbakuta

'Boom Boom Pow' seems more appropriate


Emos, make some noise!

Didn't know #hugot is still a thing

You'll need the full album for this to work, though

Not everyone likes Moira, apparently

Zac and Vanessa at their most awkward stage

Showing their schools some love

No explanation needed


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