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Epic Taguro Cosplayer Spawns Hilarious Reactions Online

He does look like the anime villain, only thinner
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 5, 2018
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Have you seen the viral photos of the folks cosplaying as the characters from Ghost Fighter? Well, they weren’t afraid to put on costumes, wigs, a ton of makeup, and crossdress (for some of them), just to bring to life some of the most memorable characters of our childhood. But the most popular was the guy who cosplayed as the younger version of Taguro, who has an, uhm, interesting take on the character.

The pictures were taken by Onigiri Wasabi Photography, who, based on their Facebook page, usually takes photos of groups or individuals cosplaying. He even joined in on the laughs by posting Taguro’s solo photo with a caption that alludes to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator.

Netizens even gave their own explanations and comments as to why this Taguro doesn’t look anywhere near a 100 percent.


But not everyone was in it to poke fun at the guy, who clearly put a lot of effort to get his look.

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Looking straight out of the manga and anime of Yu Yu Hakusho, this bunch of friends took quite a lot of photos in what seems like an abandoned, broken-down building just to make it more authentic. There was Eugene, Vincent, Alfred, Jericho, Master Jeremiah, and, of course, Taguro.


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