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The Best (And Funniest) Super Blue Blood Moon Reactions

Did you look up?
by Andrei Medina | Feb 1, 2018
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Last night, the whole world was treated to the lunar spectacle known as the Super Blue Blood Moon. According to PAGASA, the extraordinary celestial event happened way back in 1886. Like its name suggests, it’s an extremely rare combination of a Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon.

A Super Moon takes place when the Moon draws to its closest point to the Earth. A Blue Moon meanwhile, is the second full moon of a month. Lastly, a Blood Moon only happens during a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow causes the Moon to turn red. Depending on where you were, the combination of these three phenomena should look something like this:

Here in the country, some individuals decided to make the memorable event even more special by snapping photos of the majestic Mayon Volcano in its restive state with the Super Blue Blood Moon as the perfect backdrop.

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The results are nothing short of stunning

Various parts of the Metro also enjoyed the spectacle





And so did other parts of the world

Of course, others had fun with their own creative spin on the whole once-in-a-lifetime event

How was your Super Blue Blood Moon experience?


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