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The Funniest Reactions And Memes To The Great Metro Manila Flood

Filipinos are out of this world
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 13, 2018
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Menacing gray clouds loomed over Metro Manila this weekend and Filipinos braced themselves for another bout with mala-Ondoy rains and flooding caused by the southwest monsoon (habagat) being enchanced by Tropical Storm Karding (Yagi), clogged drainage systems, and poor waste management.

Despite being consistently ravaged by weather of apocalyptic proportions that paints images of our worst End-of-Days scenarios, Filipinos tried their best to brave the flood in just about every street and highway. While some got cold feet (pun intended) and stayed in their houses, they weren't safe from the current that forcibly entered their homes.

But this isn’t the first time this was happening, and it most likely won’t be the last. And Filipinos always find something to smile and laugh about come hell or (literal) high water. Sometimes though, shit gets a little bit too much, even for us. And we’ve found reactions (and memes) from both ends of the spectrum that fully define what it means to be a Filipino during these wet times.

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When you prepared for the Bahamas but you got Baha Much

It all comes down to priorities

The real Ginebra MVPs

Pretty tempting


We could really use some right now

How cute is this?

Strong baha aesthetic game

The baha we wouldn't mind right about now

Psh. What baha?

Only tall people will understand

Your main event of the evening

How did they even photograph this?

Right now, Grab!

Alien technology?

We feel you

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