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The Most Hilarious 'Doc Memes' We've Seen Online (So Far)

The sarcastic doctor is in
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 21, 2018
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The “Doc Meme” is the newest social media trend that’s been flooding our Facebook feeds these past few days.

The viral posts started after stock photos of doctors (or nurses) talking to a patient were uploaded online, accompanied of course by an equally hilarious caption.

According to website Know Your Meme, the memes are part of the series “Are You Sexually Active,” which started to trend internationally just last year. Apparently, the memes have a NSFW history—original posts show photos of doctors and nurses speaking to patients captioned with mock conversations in which the patient is asked if they are “sexually active.”


Photo by Know Your Meme


Photo by Know Your Meme


In the Philippines, the trending sensual memes were transformed by creative netizens into hilarious ones. Here are the funniest ones we’ve seen (so far):

Sounds familiar?

Photo by FB: In Lebrons Face Official

Sorry not sorry

Still available?

Photo by FB: In Lebrons Face Official


He has a point actually

WTF, doc!


Uhm wait...

Photo by FB: MAMC


Photo by FB: Shitpostingnidonald

Savage doc is savage

Photo by FB: MPNMPSB

Doc = 1, Patient = 0

Photo by FB: Shitpostingnidonald
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