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The Funniest (Or Should We Say Sili-est) Sili Memes Online RN

Money or love for sili?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 14, 2018
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The country’s economy is at an all-time high right now—and by that we mean inflation is getting way out of hand. The rising prices of common goods are getting too expensive or the regualr Juan.

One commodity that didn’t bother a lot of people before was sili. We took it for granted. And now, it’s coming back to haunt us. It went beyond tripling in price and people on the internet seem to value it now more than ever. But, of course, it's too late. 

Even in tough times like this, Filipinos will always find a way to find the humor in our situations. This crazy inflation has brought out a higher level of creativity (and, ehem, sili-ness) out of memers.

They’re branded now

If you’re still playing this game, well you deserve the price hike

Eat all you can sili

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50 kilos of sili = P50k tuition

Don’t be sili

The new pickup line

Shopping carts will never look the same

Rich kids only

Don’t leave your sili lying around

Kuya Wil is giving away new prizes

Teauxkis’ design is sure to strengthen your sili game

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