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The Most Hilarious Fake Celebrity Google Names Online RN

And his name is not John Cena
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 4, 2018
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The latest of the many creatively funny things on the interwebs and social media is this fake Google name meme trend. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically replacing the name of the celebrity you search on Google with the weirdest and witty AF names you could think of that's connected to their stage name. Of course, you still include the Google search bar and that box and picture that appears when you search them for real to make it look legit. Although we all know it’s not, that adds to the overall humor.

One Twitter user started the thread, and people just followed suit with some pretty hilarious replies of their favorite celebrities.

That sounds pretty accurate

Who knew?

Well, that’s what we knew all along

It’s not Dwayne Johnson

Almost 3000

When you put them together


Ba-dum tss!

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So that’s what the ‘Z’ stands for

We didn’t see that coming

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