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Alice Dixson - FHM Cover Girl December 2013

"I know what I want. I know how to get it." Young man, you need a mature woman like Alice Dixson to tell you exactly what that means!
by mich r. lagdameo | Dec 18, 2013
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Are you surprised that you’re doing this only now?
Not really. I think maybe when I was younger I wasn’t ready to do photo shoots like this. Even when Mother Lily was pushing me towards a sexy image I would always resist. At that time masyadong uso yung ST and I did not want to be associated with that. But now, it’s become ordinary to come out in a bikini and it’s more accepted now. I just learned that its part of work, and it came out very nice.

So what pushed you to really embrace this kind of shoot now?
I’m old enough na! Ha ha!

Speaking of “ordinary to come out in a bikini,” everyone is buzzing about that scene from your latest teleserye where you emerge in a red bikini. Even Derek Ramsay commented that he barely had to act in that scene, and said that 40 is the new 20. Thoughts?
I didn’t know about that! Wow! I can only talk about myself because I don’t know many women my age who come out like this. In my experience, I feel sexier now, I’m more confident about my body, about myself in general. Hindi ako kasing arte ngayon as I was nung bata ako, when I was afraid to show skin.

Was there a specific instance or experience in your career when you realized that you can
actually do this kind of sexy turn?
Eto lang. Today. Ha ha! I guess it was over the past year lang when TV5 started giving me more challenging, empowered woman roles, when I said that oh, the silhouette of the characters I do reflect, in a way, my personality. So I thought, let’s try. So I had a friend do a shoot with me on a beach, in a bikini, and it came out really nice. I posted some on my Instagram and I got a lot of positive feedback. So I knew na, okay naman pala.

“Okay” is an understatement. And to what crazy fitness regimen do we owe your sexy
In general I am just very active. I have a lot of friends who are into sports. I recently got back into badminton, and I hadn’t played in a long time. But in the past couple of years I took up running, which was great for my torso. I do hot yoga. Binabawasan ko yung kinakain ko sa gabi.

Par for the course for someone in the showbiz spotlight. There’s obviously tremendous pressure to look good in your line of work. How do you cope?
The pressure is only to look good in front of the camera. But if you see me on a normal day, I don’t even wear any makeup. I wear my hair back. I dress in my workout outfit even if I don’t have a workout that day, because I want to be comfortable. I just want to breathe, you know? It’s hard trying to look good for the camera 24/7; so on my off days I just want to wear what I wear when I work out.

Do you feel sexier when you’re dolled up in front of the camera, or on your offdays?
Depends on what I’m wearing on camera that day. I love as much as possible a natural look, I feel earthy, and I feel grounded. That’s my personality. I’m a Leo born in the Year of the Rooster, so my character is earthy but fiery at the same time. So it depends on what I’m wearing—it could be a simple dress or heels or I could be in a bikini.


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