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Diana Zubiri - December 2002

| Dec 1, 2002
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Just curious: If someone promised you something better, would you walk through Makati in a bikini?
Dalawang condo sa Rockwell, puwede! (laughs) But I don’t really need bribes to make me do difficult things, nagkataon lang na may deal kami na ganoon. I know I can do it again if I had to, kahit walang premyo. Honestly though, as we got closer to the location, I started to feel nervous. I mean, hindi naman basta-basta ’yung ginawa ko.

Did you wave to the passers-by?

My hand was permanently in a thumbs-up position for the shoot, so I guess some people thought it was for them. (laughs) With that experience, I think I can do something similar even in a busier place.

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