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Anna Rabano - FHM Girlfriend of the Month November 2009

Anna is a Red Horse-swigging lesbian and proud of it! And nothing will change her mind!

| Oct 30, 2009
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As vile circumstances would have it, a friend introduced us to Anna at 1AM over a bucket of beer. The conversation quickly turned loose, with her declaring that she was a butch and currently has a girlfriend.  We subjected her to scrutiny, asking her the same questions you will read now. In the end, because none of us would believe each other’s bullshit, we decided to put things to a dare, as drunkards often would: We’ll believe you’re a lesbian, but we’ll prove you are still a woman. This is the result.

By heart
I’m not your typical butch—you could say I’m more on the soft side. The way I act, the way I dress—you wouldn’t think I was one. But I really believe in that cliché—I’m a man stuck in a woman’s body. Not physically, but my heart is, ha ha!

She knows better
Siguro ang napakalaking edge lang talaga namin na hindi mahihigitan ng mga lalaki is that we are also women. In the sense that we know how a girl thinks, what they want, and what they need. Sorry boys, pero proven nang mas masarap talaga kaming magmahal given na masarap din kami, ha ha!

Dos and don’ts

Just be true to yourself and don’t ever play a woman’s feelings. Never lose their trust, or else you will never get a chance to prove yourself again once you lose it! And last but not the least, don’t play around because we don’t!


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