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April Gustillo - FHM Girlfriend of the Month May 2013

Former <em>Wowowee</em> girl "Congratulations" deserves a congratulating of her own
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 30, 2013
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What have you been up to since leaving the variety show slots?
I continued my studies in UP Diliman and took up Theater Arts. In between my studies, I also did show guestings and radio hosting gigs, and it’s been helping me in terms of developing my communication skills.

Which gets the most recognition: Your face, your legs, or your curves?
I think it’s my legs and my height that often catch other people’s attention, ha ha!

You do have a gorgeous pair of legs.
Yes, my beautiful legs, ha ha ha! It’s “God-given.” I also get compliments on my hips and my nose.

Where did “Congrrraatulations!” come from?
It just instantly came out as an expression after being randomly chosen by Kuya Wil. He dared us to step up pagdating sa mga bagay na puwedeng ipagawa niya sa amin sa kalagitnaan ng show. It was unexpected, but everyone loved hearing that tag line from me. It picked up just like that.

Do you practice its tone and diction?
I didn’t practice that one, it’s actually my natural tone. Maybe it’s because I’m a carefree and happy person, and of course being sweet as an Ilongga.

Does it make you warm inside when you give out stacks of cash on the show?
Yes, indeed. It’s heart warming to be given the chance to help and be a blessing to these contestants. Makikita mo talaga yung ngiti at saya na lumalabas sa bawat isa sa kanila whenever we give out cash prizes. What matters most is the essence of sharing what you have to those in need. That alone creates a tremendous feeling of fulfillment everyday.

Is it difficult to find a guy that meets your height requirements?
Not really. Height is not really a requirement for me when it comes to the guys I like. All I prefer is a guy with a lot of character, someone who would be proud to have you but will also take every risk to keep you.

How do you pamper yourself?
I pamper myself by always making sure I get enough rest. I’m also conscious with my eating habits and healthy living.

They say dancers are more amazing in bed. Do you agree?
Well, not really. As long as there is chemistry between both of you in bed, that’s good enough. What really matters is making the most out of everything, you know, sexually. That’s what finds you happiness and fulfillment in bed. You don’t need to be a great dancer.

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