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Aprill 2005: Lliane Torres

| Apr 1, 2005
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There is a growing trend in advertising that goes beyond the holy trinity of television, radio, and print. In case you hadn’t noticed it, countless billboards have now mushroomed along major highways it can now be considered roadside entertainment come massive traffic. Even parking cards are used as ad spaces. And have you seen them roving billboards? Crazy. We figure it’s to reach a wider market; consumers are becoming busier by the minute, making them harder to find, track, and pin down.
Llianne, our Girlfriend for April, is one such busy babe. Only 23 years old, she has gone into putting up her own bar and resto business, does modeling on the side, and keeps up with her gym schedule. “Gym talaga is No. 1 for me. That’s my life,” she says.
Many men might not take to liking this active, independent lifestyle—them being just a second priority. But think about it, lads: Being an independent woman, Lliane won’t be the clingy, needy kind, wouldn’t be the feared ‘bilmoko’ monster, will be too busy to nag, and keeps fit and sexy. Now, how’s that for a girlfriend?

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