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Bianca Peralta - FHM Girlfriend of the Month March 2012

Our muse explains the difference between boylets and boyfriends
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 3, 2012
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We noticed how comfortable you are without clothes on. But that shouldn’t mean you have anything against swimsuits, right?
Ha ha! I love swimsuits, but whether I like to wear them or not depends on my figure. Pag feeling ko payat ako, I’m more confident. I really like the ones I wore for this shoot.

And where can we spot you wearing similar attire this summer?
I don’t have definite plans yet. But I always go to Coron, Palawan, and Boracay. Sometimes I also go to Puerto Galera with my gay friends. I have gay friends, girl friends, and have had girlfriends. Yes, I’m bi. But I’m more into femme-femme relationships.

Cool. And how are you as a girlfriend when you have a boyfriend?
I used to be a martyr. When I loved someone I’d give my 100 percent. But then I realized na dapat 30 percent lang yung sa love, 70 percent para sa sarili ko.

What kind of love is more than 30 percent?
Pag tipong alam ko nang nagchi-cheat sa akin yung lalaki pero hinahayaan ko lang. Next time I have a boylet, I know what to do.

How is a boylet different from a boyfriend?
Boylet, kapag may mutual understanding pero walang commitment. Kasi ako, I only entertain suitors that I like, and right then he becomes a boylet unless something turns bad.

Let’s talk about girls’ night-outs. Should we approach you when you seem to be having fun with your ladies?
Depends if the guy is cute. Ha ha! Pag di namin feel at presko ang dating nung lalaki, makakatikim sila ng katarayan. Ha ha!

Does the same rule apply when you’re at the beach?
Well, yes. I just hate it when guys just come up to me and grind, yung kumikiskis sa likod ko. Kung gusto mong makilala yung babae, kausapin mo nang maayos. Wag yung manyak na yung dating mo.

In this issue we have a piece on sexual troubleshooting. Can you give any advice for men to avoid problems in the sack?
Based from my experience, just always make sure you’re both satisfied. You should never run out of ways to spice things up in the bedroom. And it never hurts to be a gentleman in bed—by that, I mean let her come first. All the time!

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