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Diana Fox - April 2007 FHM Girlfriend of the Month

Diana Fox on birthday gifts, Michael V., and TV gigs.<br /><br />
| Apr 4, 2007
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Right on this page we are having a grand celebration for two reasons: One, because another sweet-faced (yet foxy) lady has agreed to be our girlfriend for a good 30 days. And two, because this sweet-faced (yet foxy) lady is celebrating her 20th birthday on the 23rd day of this month! “Great timing!” exclaims Diana Fox, before giving us an electrifying thud on the back. “This is a nice gift, and for that, FHM, I thank you!” No, Diana—for gracing our pages in nearly your birthday suit on your birth month—thank you!

Happy birthday!
I want to spend my birthday at home lang, with my family and friends. Ayoko kasi ng wild na party, it was never my thing. Umiinom ako nang kaunti, like one glass of red wine, but I never get drunk. For this year I want just one simple gift—and it’s not material. Gusto ko nang magkaroon ng boyfriend!

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