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Eunique Pineda - October 2010 Girlfriend of the Month

<p>She won at this year&rsquo;s FHM House of Sexy tour. Here&rsquo;s how to win her heart</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 29, 2010
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Aside from some modeling, I work full-time as a server at Hooters. It’s fun because I used to work at a call center and that was stressful. At Hooters parang naglalaro lang ako at the same time you meet a lot of interesting people. Sometimes there are customers who tick me off, the ones who are persistent at ayaw magpaawat. Naaasar ako but I still do my work properly and wear a smile on my face.

On my days off I’m usually at LAX. Most of my friends now are in school so I also like to stay in. But when I’m at LAX we like to drink and dance. Lagi akong umiinom ng blowjob. Favorite ko yun! But when it comes to cocktails I enjoy a nice vodka-vanilla Pepsi.

My taste in music depends on my mood. I’m a big fan of reggae music because I love the beach. At parties I enjoy RnB but when I’m alone and sad, I also listen to love songs.   

I’m definitely a committed person. As much as possible I don’t want to enter a relationship if I know that it isn’t going to last long. Back in high school and college, I was considered a player. I admit that I had a lot of flings but I’m done with that. It’s tiring and it’s a waste of time.

I had my first kiss when I was 14. It was puppy love. It was okay, nothing great. I’m more of a hugger than a kisser. The first time I slept with a guy was with someone I really liked, there were many opportunities before it happened pero ayoko kasi baka ako yung di makapagpigil! Ha ha! Ako yung may gusto pero bata pa rin ako nun! When it finally happened it was scary, fun and awkward all at once.

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Photography: Paul Mondok
Interview: Anton D. Umali
Hair and Makeup: Ira Matta
Clothes from Pout

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