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Geneve Luna - FHM Girlfriend of the Month November 2012

She’s a flight attendant and isn’t, as of this writing, part of the mile-high club yet. But she assures us it’s never too late
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 30, 2012
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What’s the most difficult part about working on an airplane?
Of course, being away from my family. Though there are lots of privileges, like traveling around the world and meeting a lot of new people of different nationalities and with different characters. It’s easier to build your strength and patience as a person. Not all passengers are super nice like Filipinos. Some are rude.

What’s the worst experience you’ve had with a passenger?
Since I’m just a junior flight attendant, I’m still working slowly. One time, this guy got so mad that he screamed at me: “I’m going to report you to your supervisor! You’re so slow! Where’s my food? Fuck you!”

So how did you handle him?
Since I was new, I called my supervisor. He fixes things na hindi namin kaya. I knew I couldn’t handle everything on my own but I did my best.

Have you gotten any indecent proposals from passengers?
Actually sobrang dami na! When you’re pushing the meal cart down the aisle, manghihipo sila using their shoulders by brushing it against your butt. It’s actually quite normal and they ask us to prepare ourselves for instances like this.

Have you ever set your radar on one of your passengers?
Wala pa naman, ha ha! I want a guy whose character jives with mine.

Since your personalities need to jive, how would you describe yours?
Mabait ako pero para akong demonyo pag nagalit. I’m serious when it comes to relationships but kung ginago mo ako, doble yung ibabalik ko sa ’yo.

Are you a demon in the bedroom as well?
Medyo. Ha ha! Di ba sabi nga nila kung sino yung tahimik sila yung matindi sa kama? Medyo may katotohanan yun. It’s still always better to make love to someone you are serious with. I’m more intense if I’m in love with the person. It isn’t just sex, it becomes more of lovemaking. I’m also more intense when I’m a little tipsy.

So is sex better for you drunk rather than sober?
Hindi naman pero mas malakas yung loob mo. Minsan mas makulit kasi sasabihin ko, “Role-playing tayo!” Ha ha. I’ll be the cabin crew and you’ll be my captain.

Finally, what’s one thing that no one knows about you?
I have a really sweet image but sometimes I can be wild, too. Minsan, pag nakainom na ako, hinahawakan ko yung crotch nung guy, yung hinahaplos ko lang. Para alam mo na kung malaki o hindi. Kung malaki, go! Kung hindi, bye-bye!

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