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Jane - FHM Girlfriend June 2005

| Jun 1, 2005
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Photography: KRUSTY GALSIM

Papaya might as well be the Philippines’ national fruit. If textbooks dictate that the mango is our national fruit, one press of the TV remote controller will say otherwise. Almost every commercial break of your favorite telenovela witnesses an ad for a papaya product beckoning onscreen. And we don’t mean papaya juice, jam, dried preserves, or even candy.

Skin whitening products with this fruit loaded with bosom puns are currently all the rage in beauty products. Call it colonial mentality or sheer vanity, papaya products sell. It’s not only papaya soap; there are papaya body wash, papaya lotion, and papaya underarm cream. We won’t be surprised if companies come up with a papaya whitening talcum powder (or should the FHM staff patent the idea so we can quit our jobs and become beach bums for the rest of our lives?).

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