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JANUARY 2006: Celina

<p>She is all smiles upon waking up to her recurring dream of being with her mysterious lover on the beach. She faces the world with a wonderful aura, thus her radiant appeal. Meet January 2006 Girlfriend of the Month Celina</p>
| Jan 1, 2006
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Different images pop into our dreams. Sometimes it may be as horrible as a hunk of a transvestite taking you from behind. Oftentimes it's nice and, er, wet. But one proven fact is, pleasant dreams make lively mornings.

Take our dream girl Celina Tam, for example. She is all smiles upon waking up to her recurring dream of being with her mysterious lover on the beach. She faces the world with a wonderful aura, thus her radiant appeal.

Once you meet her, you'll slowly fall for her and you won't stop thinking about her. Her slender body will leave a lasting picture in your thoughts and if you're lucky, you'll remember your dream about Celina when you wake up.

Frankly speaking

I am sometimes aloof. Wala akong pakialam sa mundo. Hinahayaan ko lang. Pero prangka akong tao. It's in a good way naman—I say things nicely. And another thing is hindi ako iskandalosa, I'd like to believe I'm educated enough.


When I was in high school, I was into horseback riding. Now, I go swimming and I also play badminton to be fit. I love hiking. I am an adventurous person na medyo takot. I'd like to try surfing someday but what I really want to conquer is the 100-ft bungee jump. I am also a Taekwondo brown-belter.

Fit to a T

I want to open my own boutique. It would be a lingerie store and I'd be my own model. Right now, my collection of panties is quite unique. Nagpapatahi kasi ako sa mananahi namin. We'll make thongs and see-thru undies— you know, sexy stuff. I also want to make T-backs for men. I want it to be a norm among guys. It looks good pag naka-pants ka. Just because the guy is wearing a T-back, it doesn't mean he's gay.

Deep issues

I don't want somebody who's puro porma, I want somebody who's smart. Usually, guys are always talking about the latest music or the latest trend, but I easily get bored. I want a good conversationalist who's got meaning and depth. I want somebody who'll teach me at importante yung paprangkahin ako.

Seven is lucky

I want a man with a good set of teeth. I also want him to have a big chest. Kasi pag may boyfriend ka, usually you lie on his chest. Kung wala, ang sakit ng butu-buto.

Skin to skin

I cook for my lover. I also like to baby-talk my boyfriend; it's my form of panlalambing. I always want to be beside my lover. Gusto ko laging skin to skin.

Control center

I am submissive. Pag sinabi sa akin na wag lumabas, even if it's a Saturday night, I won't. I want somebody who can control me. If you can't control me, you don't deserve to be my boyfriend.

The mouse will play

When I went to Japan, I bought this little toy that's supposed to be a vibrator. But I don't use it for its real purpose. My friends and I just play with it like it was a mouse and pinapagapang namin sa floor.

You could be him

In all my dreams this hunk-of-a-guy wearing the same outfit in the beach would always show up. So in real life, once it happens to me, I won't let the moment pass, I'll make sure that I meet the man of my dreams.

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