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Jennifer Nguyen - FHM Girlfriend of the Month April 2014

She stays up late playing <em>Halo</em>, looks dreamy in tight panties, and even teaches girls how to go-go dance in China. Yup, Jen here is hotter than a bowl of Pho!
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 4, 2014
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You’re such a social butterfly. Have you always been like this?
I don’t think so. I moved a lot, so before I even made any friends I was already gone. I used to be really shy, but I guess I learned to adapt.

Where are all these good vibes coming from?
Oh, I’m rarely shy. But if it’s with someone I like, then maybe I’ll be a little shy.

What kind of guy would that be?
I usually go for the quiet ones. If I go to a club and all these blokes start talking to me, I’d still go for that shy dude in the corner. I’ll make my way over there and talk to him. Shy guys don’t get too much attention, and it’s not their fault.

You’re just saying that.
I want to make their day because I know that when I talk to them, his friends are going to treat him like a hero.

What’s it like to have you as a girlfriend?
I cook, clean, and baby my boyfriend. I am never jealous. I support boys’ night outs. I’d even let him watch porn. I’d let him follow his dreams. Money is not an issue to me; it’s not like I’m rich or anything, but I’m not into that kind of stuff. But here’s my biggest thing: don’t lie. And you have to be funny. And you have to be nice to your family.

Your profession requires you to travel a lot. Does it get in the way of your love life?
Yes, especially when the guy gets jealous about the part where I get to travel often and he doesn’t. It creates all sorts of problems.

Is it hard to maintain a relationship this way?
I was such a good girl back then that I would actually cancel my trips so I could spend more time with a guy. But with my last boyfriend, he didn’t really like me traveling so we had to break up. If a guy doesn’t want me to travel, I’ll probably just leave. There are so many guys out there.

How should couples handle long-distance relationships anyway?
I’ve been in two long-distance relationships and I traveled to see them a lot. It’s not that hard. It only gets hard when you’re gone for, like, two months and you can’t talk that much. I think it’s harder for them than it is for me.

This is why you should stay here for good. Pinoys make the best boyfriends.
I know, right? It’s only two hours and 30 minutes away from Hong Kong, which is where I‘m staying at the moment, so it’s not that far.

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