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Katrina Hermosilla - FHM Girlfriend of the Month December 2009

<p>Striking casino usher goes for the jackpot!</p>
| Nov 30, 2009
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In casinos, there’s a great deal of eyeballing going on. Ace Rothstein, the genius bookie played by Robert De Niro in the profanity-infested Casino, describes just how much sly watching goes on in Las Vegas: “In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else.” Sounds just about right. But Ace Rothstein left someone out. Katrina Hermosilla is an usher at the Pagcor casino. And judging by her photos you’re gawking at everybody in the casino, while keeping an eye on everyone else, will have Katrina in their line of sight—at least. [firstpara]
Casino royale
As an usher, I have to see to it that the guests are taken care of. If they need assistance, I show them their way around the casino and make sure they’re comfortable. Eventually, I’d like to train to be a card dealer.

No poker face
People get to know me better just by looking at my face. A lot have told me that my face is very expressive, especially my eyes. But the disadvantage of having my emotions run through my face all the time is that many also misinterpret my expressions.

The best thing in life being able to express myself freely without any inhibitions. And being able to show people the good sides of yourself while being appreciated by those who see my body.

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