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Kim Elevira - FHM Girlfriend of the Month February 2013

She used to be shy, not anymore
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 31, 2013
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What was your life like before modeling?
I took up nursing but I was only able to finish my freshman year as I had to take care of my other siblings’ needs, but I’m not the primary breadwinner in my family now since most of my siblings have their own family na.

What else do you do now?
I’m a risk-taker, so I love being around people others might say are reckless spenders. Right now, I’m applying for work in one of the casinos here in the metro. I find that work there is financially rewarding but not too physically taxing.

You mentioned you’ve had foreigner boyfriends before…
The reason I dated foreigners is because my first suitor was a foreigner, it just so happened that all my previous suitors were also non-Filipino kaya nagsunud-sunod na.

Filipino boyfriends versus the world—who wins?
I prefer Pinoys. Foreigners are more impersonal unlike Pinoys. Filipinos take care of everything kahit hindi sila kasing financially stable compared sa foreigners.

Did it ever come to a point where you almost left the country to be with your foreigner boyfriend for good?
I once had a Korean boyfriend, napakilala niya ako sa mga friends niya na in turn naging ka-close ko na rin. I fell in love with their culture kaya I dream of at least setting foot on Korean soil. Dream ko rin sa Japan. I like their culture and their discipline, trendy pa sila.

Why didn’t these relationships work out?
I discovered most of them had a third party, so I just let them go even though they tried so hard to court me again. I never looked back.

Have you ever been the other woman?
Never. I always make sure that I’m the No. 1—or should I say the only one. Never kong gagawin yung manggugulo ng pamilya. A background check is in order always para sure na single and not committed to anyone yung guy.

What “part” of a guy do you think is the sexiest?
His mind. Touché. Ha ha ha!

What part of your body do you like the most?
My skin—I’m blessed with having a fair complexion.

How would you get a guy you like to notice you?
I would talk to him, befriend him. The rest will be steamy history.

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