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MARCH 2006: Michelle

<p>March 2006 Girlfriend of the Month is the very attractive Sepak Takraw player Michelle Ferrer. This girl , who sports a luscious smile, is partly Spanish, partly Iranian.</p>
| Mar 1, 2006
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When Sepak Takraw was invented in Malaysia 500 years ago by the Royal Family, little did they know that the game would eventually pick up and gain popularity. The unconventional game play of using the body parts (except the arms) to bring the ball to the opponent's court is hard as it is for the player has to be lithe and agile. This extremely hard sport is not kid's play because if you have seen it in competitions, the players are literally flying and doing the impossible Bruce-Lee kicks in mid-air.

Thus, when you see an attractive and sexy Sepak Takraw player shouting, "Se!" and doing aerial kicks, that is really a sight to behold. She would be no other than partly Spanish, partly Iranian Michelle Ferrer, God's gift to the sport. Her jolly persona and luscious smile adds spectators to Sepak Takraw. She is not the usual girl who could have just played volleyball, following the norm and using her arms, instead, she opts to use her legs. And golly wow, she sure knows how to use them properly…


I am a music lover. Actually, I used to front an R&B band. I'm the type who makes sure no one is feeling down. My friends know that. I am the clown among my friends. When a friend is lonely, binibiro ko yun or sinasayawan ko para sumaya.


I'd rather go nature-tripping than go to bars. I find it more relaxing when I'm on the beach with my friends, enjoying the picnic and the view. I grew up kasi sa probinsiya. Dati nga sumasakay pa ako sa kalabaw! Nagpapadulas pa kami ng mga barkada ko sa putik!


When we competed for Sepak Takraw tournaments, people would shout at me, "Hoy! Tisay, alis ka diyan, di ka bagay diyan!" I was a tomboy back then. I didn't even care if I was wearing rubber shoes with my skirt. I also ran for my school's track and field team. I was really athletic and competitive when I was younger. Now that I'm a little older, I'm into billiards and darts.


A number of producers have offered me to augment my breasts. I pondered a lot about it, but I realized that I am happy with what I have. Pag malaki yun, masyado mapapansin.


Walang perpektong lalake. I've had good-looking boyfriends before, but I'm not really the type who'd fall head over heels on a handsome guy. As long as he's sweet, honest, at di kampon ng demonyo, okay na.


Pag ako nagmahal, todo talaga. When my boyfriend doesn't permit me, I won't do it. Pag nag-away kami, kahit di ko kasalanan, ako yung unang nagso-sorry.

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