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Michelle Datuin - FHM Girlfriend of the Month October 2012

Wondering how you'd fare in bedroom athletics with a real lady athlete? Let this former volleyball player and now courtside reporter size you up
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 3, 2012
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How was it going from playing on court to reporting courtside?
It’s more exciting! It isn’t about skills on court anymore; it’s about expressing how I feel and how I analyze the sport. It’s already a pro thing.

Was modeling and broadcasting something you’ve always thought of getting into?
No. When I was a kid, I had two ambitions: to become a flight attendant and be crowned Ms. Universe. It only lasted until high school; I realized that I was born athletic so I focused on volleyball instead of pageants. I took a job in an airline, but since I’m not used to wearing make up and heels, I didn’t pursue it. So none of my childhood ambitions came true. But I’m very much content with my achievements right now, especially in sports since I’ve experienced many championships.

Which do you prefer more?
Broadcasting, since it’s a lifetime profession, and it’s what I studied in college. I know the topic very well and I want to pursue it because I can progress in it. I admit I’m not too fond of modeling, just eager. I get pressured since I get asked “Model ka ba?” all the time.

Does that make you happy, though?
Yes! Humahaba eyelashes ko! Ha ha!

Did running around in your volleyball uniform help you build the self-confidence for your new gigs?
A big yes! I got a good foundation so I tell myself that I don’t have to worry. Modeling and courtside reporting are almost the same as playing on court and national TV: there’s the crowd pressure. The only difference is I don’t wear my jersey. I’m glad that my fans still keep supporting whatever career I choose to pursue. They even made me a fan page that inspires me to be creative and versatile. I also believe in René Descartes’s philosophy of “I think therefore I am.” Once I believe I can do something, l will push myself to do it.

Ever been deliberately cheeky with your adoring fans?
Yes! They request me to do stuff like pout or wink on camera with them. No problem with me if we win the game!

You definitely sound like a crowd pleaser. Do you also like to please in more intimate settings?
I’m not the type to go first, but if I like the guy pagbibigyan ko. I sing and dance like Lady Gaga, and pose like I’m having a photo op or walking the ramp.

We take it you’re competitive not just in sports but relationships too?
Yes, I saw this movie and they had a term for women—sportfish. I’m into sports but that doesn’t mean I want to be a trophy or some sportfish put on display.

What can we expect from you next?
I’ll grab any opportunity that I can handle. A friend asked me kung ano pa ba ang puwede kong gawin. How else can I upgrade my life? Bold star na! Ha ha!

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Photography: Paul ticzon of The Attic Studio for Nikon Philippines; with Erwin Tolentino and Bob Gonzales
Interview: Ash Mahinay
Styling and Makeup: Jo Ticzon of the Attic Studio for
Hair: Donn Donato of the Attic Studio

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