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Soliel Bonnin - FHM Girlfriend of the Month December 2012

Meet JC&rsquo;s little sister, a very good reason to start calling the <em>Bagets</em> star &lsquo;kuya&rsquo;
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 4, 2012
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You have a very interesting name…
“Soleil” means “sun” in French. But my mom really named me after Punky Brewster. She’s a Punky Brewster fan.

We couldn’t care less about the men, but having known you’re related to Charlene Gonzales, we just have to ask: Do all women in the Bonnin clan look this good?
Ha ha! We all have somewhat similar looks, I guess. I’m a little darker than the rest of them though, ha ha! Our ancestors are from Spain. My dad once told me the story about it, but it was a pretty long story so I forgot. Sorry, I didn’t get to do my homework for this interview, ha ha!

What were you up to in the U.S. before you headed here?
I was in the mortgage industry. That didn’t last long. As you know, the market crashed, ha ha! So that wasn’t a very lucrative career.

How good were you at selling houses?
I was more on the loan side of things. I processed the paperwork of the loans. I worked for several mortgage companies and a small bank.

Ah, an office girl.

You strike us a very laidback girl…
…well, I’m from California, ha ha! The last place I lived at in the U.S. was San Diego, which is beside the beach. People there are very chill. Relaxed.

Like “PDA on the beach” chill?
Well, I prefer not to display affection in public. But I love to show affection within appropriate boundaries. I’m also quite tense as a lover. I’m shy when it comes to that. That’s why I prefer the dark, ha ha!

You mean you don’t want to be seen naked?
Pretty much, ha ha!

Do you explain this beforehand to your partner?
Eventually, ha ha! I don’t have a routine, I just feel it out. I’m more comfortable intimately when it’s darker.

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