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Tiffany - FHM Girlfriend July 2005

| Jul 8, 2005
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Photography: KRUSTY GALSIM

No matter how we deny it, we all crave a woman who’s a totally off-the-hook kind of risk taker. The kind of babe who’ll be a cohort to your crazy antics; one who’ll be in on your adventure just for the heck of it. But does she even exist? Matter of fact, she does—and she’s right here, our sweet girlfriend for July, Tiffany.
She’s a self-confessed wild child but also a girl you can take to meet your uptight parents. Underneath her drool-inducing exterior is a sweet fluff that is capable of melting hearts.
In the event of a Meet The Parents scenario, Tiffany will be just as stunning wearing fuddy-duddy clothes. But after the charade, she’ll willingly shed those duds to reveal some see-through lingerie. “I love see-through stuff,” she gushes. But chances of that happening are high only she loves you. We know, it’s vague—but that’s the deal.
And if you’re lucky and you have what it takes to love her back, she’s yours forever. “I can be a one-man woman, it really depends on the guy I’m seeing.”

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