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Trish - July 2008 FHM Girlfriend of the Month

<p>This legal management student will fight for your rights!</p>
| Jun 27, 2008
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INTERVIEW: Marc Laurence Celis;
STYLING: Deb Bernales;
MAKEUP: Diane De Castro

Right before you sits this nation’s hope for a bright future. Our girlfriend Trish juggles her time with modeling and school works, and yet she still manages to find some time to help the country in her own little way as an aktibista. Soon enough she’ll campaign against corrupt officials, and there’s no doubt the population is going to pay heed.

Companyera dreams
I’m on my second year in my pre-law, Legal Management. My great grandfather was once into politics and I’m hoping that one day I can carry on what he started. I graduated salutatorian in high school and I’m very bookish and grade-conscious, so feeling ko kaya ko naman.

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