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Wren - FHM Girlfriend August 2004

| Aug 1, 2004
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Men eat like wolves, and naturally, women who let their man eat great food are the ones loved best by men. Remember the movie Woman on Top, the one that launched Penelope Cruz to Hollywood stardom? Well, just to refresh your memory, it was about a sexy and skilled chef (Penelope) who didn’t just use her looks to win over men but her skills in culinary arts as well. And she succeeded.

It would be safe to say, then, that men are likely to line up as if in a fastfood chain at our Miss August’s doorstep. Eighteen-year-old Wren, a culinary student whose skills were reared in the US, not only has the knack for keeping men’s stomach happy but apparently a face and body that’ll keep us craving more of the good stuff. Just try to stray from her strait-laced granny…

Know what she likes

I’m a culinary student at Trinity College. I like hanging out with friends, going to the malls, watching movies, sometimes nature tripping. I love singing, too. I like songs by Norah Jones and Christina Aguilera. Locally, I like Arnee Hidalgo’s Cold Summer Nights.

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