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Almah Pasco - December 2009

<p>This siren makes a strong case for Pampangeños and their love for the letter ‘h’</p>
| Nov 30, 2009
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Interesting name—did you come up with it yourself?
Almah is a combination of my parents’ names: Al for Alergia, my mom, and Ma for Manuel my dad. I’m not quite sure why my parents added a letter ‘H’ in the end—maybe to make it a bit unique since Alma is a common name.

What makes you different from the girls in our pages?
I guess I’m the only 31-year old girl who has a curfew. Ha ha! My parents are really strict, especially my dad.

Who do you date?
Someone who can make me smile, laugh and someone that challenges my thinking. I’m not really after looks. I like smart guys. Dumb guys are a big turn off to me.

What gets you wound up?
I get aggressive if my partner is being pursued by other girls. I can get really bitchy when other girls flirt with my man, I make them stay as far away as they should.

Does that kind of aggression translate in bed?
I don’t have an answer to that since my dad is an avid reader of FHM. Ha ha! If he does read this, I want him to know he shouldn’t be worried. I’m a good girl. Ha ha ha!

What are you looking to get this Christmas?
I think the best gift a guy can give me is his faithfulness and loyalty. Material-wise, I think an Hermes bag would be my dream gift, that is if my guy can afford it. If not, he can just buy me one at the tiangge. Ha ha!

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