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Anna Leah Javier - March 2004

| Mar 1, 2004
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Photography: KRUSTY GALSIM

You’re a relative newbie, since when have you been in the business?
I’ve been modeling since I was 15, I joined Star Circle before. I stopped to finish my education and I just returned to showbiz early last year.

So you have a college degree under your belt already?
Yes, I took up Mass Com in college.

Good for us you returned to showbiz.
The opportunities were there, I kept getting offers, modeling stints, calendar pictorials, and others. Then a friend of mine was connected to Viva. I was introduced to them and they got me.
You’ve said that it was never your plan to become a sexy star. What made you join the club?
It’s the trend. It was hard in the beginning to say yes to this offer because my family wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready. But later on they understood. Everybody’s doing it. Anyway, I also have a fallback. If this doesn’t work I can find other employment.

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