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Anna Maree Bowdler - October 2012

Ann Maree Bowdler’s laid-back presence simply sizzles
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 31, 2012
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We understand that this is your first sexy shoot and it’s for us here at FHM. How was the experience?
Yes, my first shoot for FHM! It was definitely very different from the fashion shoots I usually do. But I love the experience. It was fun getting my sexy on for this shoot!

You looked like you were having fun wearing those leather outfits. Is it something you like wearing on a regular basis?
I do like a little bit of leather. When coordinated with the right outfit it can look very sexy. I have a pair of leather tights that I love. My black leather jacket is one of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe. I also incorporate leather into some of my hot outfits that I use for performances when singing.

You do look hot in leather, and we’re sure you’ve been approached by a lot of men. What’s the lamest approach you’ve encountered so far?
Ha ha! Yes I do get approached quite often and I must say some approaches are very lame, with lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”; “Is it hot in here or is that just you?” and “You look like my next girlfriend.” But this one takes the cake “Guy: “Hey do you have Italian in you?” Me: “No.” Guy: “Would you like some?”

So the next question is, are you single?
Single and ready to mingle, ha ha!

What a nice way to put it. So, when it comes to dudes like us, what traits do you consider a turnoff?
I don’t like guys who are arrogant, cocky, and too in love with themselves.

We hear you. No one likes a narcissist. How then can a guy get past the dating stage into something more intimate?
Be romantic, really impress me during the date and show me something different that stands out from the average guy.

What’s your stand on public display of affection?
I think a little is nice especially at the beginning of a relationship–it’s almost impossible not to! I like it when a couple can show how in love they are. But if it’s at a point where the PDA is looking more like what goes on in the bedroom then that’s not cool.

Which leads us to this question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the the privacy of a
Hmmm, very naughty question—too crazy to mention I think. I can do lots of crazy things in the
bedroom but with the right man, ha ha!

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Photography: Paul Ticzon of The Attic Studio
Interview: Wayne Joseph Tulio
Styling: Cy Bree
Makeup: Jo Ticzon of The Attic Studio
Hair: Donn Donato

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