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Annicka Dolonius - August 2013

Actress Annicka Dolonius may look like a bad girl who smoked cigarettes after class and enjoyed listening to Led Zeppelin. But there's more to her than that<br /><br />
by Anton D. Umali | Aug 14, 2013
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Most remember you for hipster flick Ang Nawawala, where you played, well, a hipster. Do you relate to the characters you portray?
I wouldn’t say I had the same personality as Enid, my character in Ang Nawawala. I could relate to her as far as what she experienced. She went to gigs and she always wore boots! Ha ha! But I wouldn’t say we are the same character personality-wise.

How does it feel that the film was well-received?
It was awesome. People went out and watched it, which was really fucking cool. My favorite part was that people would come up to me and say, “I hated your character!” and I was, like, “Me too, man!” because my character was kind of an asshole.

You most recently did Juana C. The Movie with Mae Paner. What are the deciding factors when you choose to do a project?
With Juana C., I loved the script. It was a sex comedy, but it had so much to say. It had causes that it wanted to make light of and did so in a clever way. It was uncomfortable and because it made me feel uncomfortable, I needed to do it.

What’s the sultriest thing about Mae Paner?
Her balls! I’ll tell you man, there’s no scarier woman on Earth. A woman who fights for her shit is sexy as hell!

Speaking of sexy, what sort of qualities do you think is sexy in a man?
I don’t actually have a type but I know I don’t like muscle-y men. I base things on how well you click with the person. They have to be funny. Also, if he has a massive penis…

Sorry, you caught us off-guard! So does size really matter?
No, no, no. It’s about how you use it. But it does help, ha ha!

And how should this well-armed funny man approach you?
You can never really come up to a chick and be, like, “Hey honey. What’s your name? I’m super casual dude.” If you click, great. There’s a big difference between someone who is a friend and someone you are sexually attracted to. If you can get past that then great, but it isn’t always that easy.


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