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Ava Jugueta - June 2013

PYT lead vocalist and Wowowillie co-host Ava Jugueta shows you how she would get caught on CCTV
by Khyne Palumar | Jun 5, 2013
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You hardly spoke during makeup and the duration of the shoot. Outside work, would you call yourself mahinhin?
Hindi. Tahimik ako pero makulit ako. I’m a bit shy at first, pero kaunti lang naman. Ha ha! Tapos minsan, like yung napansin mo, pag may lull o kahit idle lang, bigla akong sasayaw, para akong bata. Di ko ma-contain yung energy ko minsan.

And how long have you been bringing this energy to the show?
Since they launched it in January. But before that I was in this girl group called PYT, which is short for Pretty Young Things. We’ve been together for four years na rin. We patterned our act initially after Destiny’s Child talaga, and then we mixed it up with Pussycat Dolls para mas modern naman yung take.

Do they let you indulge these talents in Wowowillie, or do you mostly just host?
Mostly hosting, pero minsan binibigyan din nila ako ng chance to perform. In a week, nag-pe-perform ako once or twice.

You’re also very limber.
Nag-is-stretch ako every day! Actually first thing in the morning nag-da-dance training na kami—every single day.

It’s with my girl group. Kasi it’s harder to sing and dance at the same time. Your normal breathing pattern gets interrupted at nauubusan ka ng hangin for singing. That’s why we train for stamina, para any movement, kahit magwala kami, buo pa rin yung voice.

What kind of movements are they exactly? And have you always been a dancer?
“Sexy pop” dance moves! My initial training with dancing is hip-hop, puro panlalaki yung moves ko actually. Hindi ako marunong magpa-sexy, ha ha ha! But since I became part of PYT, dun na nag-start. Since girl group kailangan ang movements may butt, may waist, mas girly.

What about singing?
I started with standard songs, ballads. Then may sinalihan akong reality show, where I switched genres and sang alternative rock naman. Ngayon, in PYT, it’s mostly “sexy pop” or RnB.

What do people in the business of sexy pop wear?
Pants! Ha ha ha! Ako mostly leggings and tank tops, with leather and bling blings, basta makinang, ha ha ha! Mahilig kasi ako sa shiny.

Would we enjoy having you around as a girlfriend ?
Like I said, tahimik ako. Tahimik na madaling magalit, that’s what my friends say. When it comes to love, mahaba ang pasensiya ko. Wag mo lang pupunuin kasi pag napuno—war! Ha ha ha!

What do we do to make sure that doesn’t happen?
The basic: alaga. Ako kasi yung type who’s always working, pagod palagi, so kapag downtime, gusto kong tumawa, gusto ko yung parang nilalambing at pinapatawa ako, yung makulit lang.

Does that kakulitan carry over under the sheets?
Hindi ako puwedeng maging makulit sa sheets kasi wala naman akong kasama sa bedroom. Balikan ko kayo pag meron na, ha ha ha!

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