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Aya Alonzo - February 2011

Let the sizzling Aya Alonzo redefine the word "bitch" to you

by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 9, 2011
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So you work for a very controversial law firm.
Yes, I work at a law firm. I find the work very easy compared to my last job. I used to work at a call center and this day job I have now allows me to get enough sleep. The work is a no-brainer and I like it better.

What do you do when you want to let loose?
I’m usually around Tomas Morato or in Republiq. I enjoy drinking and chatting with my friends because it’s the only time I get to see them since my job at the law firm has me busy.

Does the guy need to be a big spender to get your attention?
No! Puwedeng ako ang gumastos para sa kanya! Ha ha!

Does this mean you’d rather do the caring than actually be taken care of?
I’ve actually been in both situations. Siguro this time gusto ko naman ako yung alagaan because in my last relationship ako yung nag-aalaga.

Interesting. Tell us more about this big baby.
Sobrang bine-baby ko siya! He’d throw tantrums sometimes tapos lahat ng gusto niyang gawin at bilhin binibigay ko sa kanya. Not just material things, like even during dates I’d expect him to pay for the movie or dinner, pero wala.

We saw you reading a while ago, anything worth our time?
I’m a bookworm. I read a lot. My favorite author is actually Paolo Coelho and right now the book I’m reading is by Sherry Argov, it’s called Why Men Marry Bitches. Its different from what I’m used to because it’s actually a self-help book and you can learn a lot from it.

Great title. So would you say you can be a “bitch” sometimes?
Well, upon reading the book parang gusto ko na maging bitch! Ha ha! The bitch they refer to in the book is not the literal bitch that we are all used to. “Bitch” in the book means a woman of power. Independent,has a job, a woman who can handle her own.

Are you one?
Yes, I am completely—100 percent— an independent bitch… I mean woman. Ha ha!

If you were going to dress up for your guy in the bedroom, what would you wear?
I like dressing up and I like playing sexy all the time. But in the bedroom I would probably dress as something rough and still sexy, like the girls in Moulin Rouge. Sexy but still classy, and maybe there’ll be a whip involved.

What are the weirdest places you’ve had sex?
The fire exit, the comfort room in a movie theater, and my friend’s veranda! Ha ha! Masarap!

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