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Do you think your merry mix of blood works to your advantage?
Yes, it does. Specially at work. Because it really makes me different from others, and that in turn makes me interesting to the people I work with.

A lot of men fawn over you for your beauty and sexy body. But does being sexy come naturally to you?
I don’t know because there are differences between sexy and trying to be sexy. I’m just not trying, ha ha ha!

Are you saying it comes naturally then?
Because if you’re sexy, you’re sexy. You don’t really have to do something about it.

So what does being sexy mean to you?
To me, it’s attitude. It’s character. You don’t have to wear something that you know, appears with breasts, cleavage.
What do you consider your best asset?
I’m not just saying this but my friends tell me it’s the ass!

How do you think that ass came to be?
It’s the Castilian blood in me that gave me the “Spanish ass,” ha ha ha!
Your being sporty probably helps you maintain your gorgeous butt. What kind of sports do you do?
The new sport that I’m kind of addicted now is surfing.

Wow! How often do you go surfing?
Not often. But I know a lot of surf spots, there’s one just two to three hours drive away.


PHOTOGRAPHY:Doc Marlon Pecjo
INTERVIEW: Stephanie Maureen Asi
STYLING: Rey Santos
MAKE UP: Archie Tolentino
HAIR: Hernan