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Barbie San Miguel - October 2011

When she was a girl&mdash;and we mean not legally able to appear on <em>FHM</em>&mdash;Barbie San Miguel wondered if she'd get her chance. She did. And we're thankful
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 28, 2011
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We couldn’t help but notice your beautiful long hair. Pang-shampoo commercial, 'ika nga. When did you last cut your hair?
Last month. Actually hanggang butt ko siya dati pero…ang hirap maligo, ha ha! So I had it cut. For me kasi girl na girl ka pag mahaba ang hair mo, when you walk i-swing-swing mo siya, ha ha!

Are there any other parts of your body that you’re maselan about?
My whole body. I take really long baths. Mga one hour. Thirty minutes nagmamadali na ako noon. First, I apply oil on my skin then nagsasabon ako ng anti-bacterial soap then banlaw. After that whitening soap naman then saka ako mag-scrub ng katawan then sabon ulit.

Now that’s a ritual. Since you take very good care of your skin, are there any particular activities that you don’t do? Say, topless sunbathing?
Hindi talaga ako nagbi-beach, ha ha! Bukod sa ayokong maarawan ng sobra, ano ako e…taong tamad. I just go out of the house if I have a raket or if I really want to go to the mall.

Why? Is there something special inside your house?
Hindi, tamad lang talaga ako. Maski sa pag-flirt-flirt. I hate flirting. Bihirang-bihira lang din ako makipag-date. Sabi I’m choosy daw but I don’t think so, I just want someone na nagja-jive sa ugali ko, yung companion talaga. Bestfriend na rin. Saka natatagalan ako sa ligaw-ligaw, kaya I prefer picking someone then I won’t entertain anyone else anymore.

Is there anything that you exert effort into?
Sa school. Studious kasi ako.

Oh, yes! Come on, ha ha! I went into modeling for my studies. My parents were having a hard time sending me to school kaya naghanap ako ng raket. I started as a promo girl—I’m really not ashamed to say that—then I came upon car shows. Lahat na yata pinasok ko, nag-bikini open rin ako, nag-beauty pageant rin. I was a salutatorian in elementary and a top three graduate in high school. I graduated with a marketing course in college and I’m planning to take up a post-graduate Rizal course.

Studious, indeed. Why study our National Hero?
Actually, I didn’t really like the subject at first but I had this really good Rizal professor in college. Noong siya na nagtuturo nakikinig talaga ako saka ang dami kong natutunan kaya I thought of pursuing the course. And then when I graduate I’ll teach about Rizal din.

Are you this passionate or are you also lazy when it comes to sex? To put it bluntly, do you allot time for it?
Siyempre! Ha ha!

How much time?
Hindi ko alam.

Well, are you also studious when it comes to that subject?

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