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Berna Kano - August 2012

Berna Kano's hotness goes all the way up to level 11
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 22, 2012
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Are you saying you aren’t the “bad girl” type in real life?
How do you define bad girl? Bad girl ako… Ay hindi pala, ha ha! I can say I’m a bit of a bad girl but more on the feminine side.

So how far have you gone to be bad?
Maldita ako in the sense na pag ayoko, ayoko talaga. There are certain things that you can’t convince me to do no matter what.

Can you be more specific?
Kunwari mayroon akong isang bagay na gusto. If I want it I’m going to get it. No one can stop me. But then if I meet someone tapos hindi ko siya gusto then there’s no way you’ll get me to like that

How about bad boys? Are you into those types?
Ayoko ng mahangin. Ayoko ng mayabang. God, I hate people who brag about themselves. Ayoko yung
masyadong kampante sa sarili. I want someone who makes an effort, yung malambing. It doesn’t matter if you exaggerate yourself in making it a point to try and get me, it’s okay, I like that.

Are you the friends-first-before-lovers- and-no-ligaw type of girl?
Yes, something like that. Not really friends but someone I can talk to and learn about step-by-step.

So what are these steps that the man needs to go through?
Step one, we can go out as friends or whatever, ha ha! Or maybe even as a group. He can get to know me, I can get to know him.

And what sort of date would lead to the final step?
Gusto ko surprise. Yung bigla na lang akong susunduin. Wag mo akong tatawagan. Tapos pag napapayag mo ako, that would be the sweetest date ever.

How long have you been in the modeling rat race?
Just lately because I stopped for about two years. The projects I used to do were mostly sweet. I’ve done advertisements and a number of commercials. I’ve also had billboards but mostly for things like candies or hair products.

How did you foray into the sexier side of modeling?
I’ve been subscribed to FHM for a really long time now. As I scanned through the magazine I felt inspired to do it. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko, “I’m going to do this, kaya ko ’to one day.”

Ever had a rebellious phase?
No. I’m very family oriented. I really love my mother. I don’t live with both my parents. Ever since they broke up, she has served as my inspiration. The things she did wrong, I try to avoid for myself.

How do you keep yourself busy when you aren’t modeling?
I have a small computer shop business. Tutok ako sa kanya pero hindi naman ako yung nagbabantay. I have someone who manages the place for me. I go there to see how the flow of things is. Negosyo ko yun eh. I’d studied it for a really long time. I’m not going to get into a business na basta-basta lang tapos malulugi. Siyempre yung ininvest ko dun pinaghirapan ko rin.

Do you adopt that philosophy with your everyday life?
Yes. I always think about things first before getting into them. I’m very careful. I need to be sure of things first. I want to make sure I don’t get disappointed.

So what sort of kiss wouldn’t disappoint a careful girl like you?
I don’t like torrid kisses. It has to be passionate. Even when it comes to sex, I really don’t like it wild.

So how do you like it in the bedroom? I like taking it slow. You start it off with a kiss, a little touch here and there. I like my man to start from the top all the way to the bottom.
I get to know my guys’ kiliti so I really know how to pleasure him. Personally, I like to explore. Exploring can be done in a nice and slow kind of way.

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