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Charlene Phan - January 2010

<p>Straight Shooter</p>
| Jan 4, 2010
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You’re of Vietnamese descent, but you’ve been living in the States, right?
I was born in California. I haven’t lived anywhere else but would like to one day. I went to Vietnam in 2000 and once I think when I was younger. It was great uniting with family members I’d never met before.

What about you would you consider to be very Vietnamese? Any particular trait?
You definitely know you’re Vietnamese if your parents own a karaoke machine! My aunt and uncle always have little mini parties to sing karaoke, but as for my family we spend most of the time getting together and eating. Food is the highlight of the party! We aren’t very quiet and we can be very noisy at the market, too, haha!

We heard you’re quite the baller. What got you into the sport?
I was a really big tomboy when I was younger and I loved playing basketball during recess in elementary school. Then there was an annual tournament at a local middle school; I tried out for the team and had lots of fun. I guess it just started from there.
Which position do you normally play?
In elementary I was a center but in high school I was a small forward. I like being a forward since as you get older in high school, the girls get bigger and bigger, ha ha!

PhotographY: Jar Concengco
Interview: Elijah Mendoza
StyliNG: Laura Hollabaugh
Hair and Makeup: Kristine Burge’t
Assisted by: Mindy O’Leary
Shot on location: Bambuddah Lounge, San Francisco

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