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Charmaine Yamamoto - July 2011

After delivering these stunning pictures, we say yes you are, Charmaine Yamamoto
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 2, 2011
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You’re a mix of different nationalities—Filipino, Spanish and Japanese. Which one do you most identify with?
Filipino. Because I was born and grew up here so I’m a Pinoy.

Aside from modeling, what keeps you busy?
I play the piano and guitar. I also sing, although not professionally. But what I really love to do is sketch and paint.

An artist!
When I was in high school my paintings were usually displayed in our school’s exhibits—most of which di na binalik sa akin, may kumuha na, ha ha!

And when you’re not busy being an artist?
Well, I’m a licensed midwife, although I feel na hindi yun yung line ko. That’s why I plan to study Architecture this school year.

Cool. How would an artist and a studious girl like you define sexy?
Sexy is beautiful. It’s art. And hindi naman porke’t sinabihan kang sexy, bastos na yun or what. I also think being sexy should come from within. You should exude it. Dapat kahit naka-jeans or shirt ka lang pwede kang maging sexy. But that’s just me, other people might think differently.

We don’t. What do you think is your most stimulating part?
My hips, malaki raw kasi.

We agree. And how do you take care of them?
Ang taba ko nga eh, ha ha! I’m a hearty eater and I can’t really explain why. I once tried going to the gym though.

If you were a guy, would you go for the voluptuous type?
I’m not really sure. But definitely I’d chase after mestizas. Mas nakaka-catch kasi ng attention ang mga katulad kong chinita, ha ha! Love your own kind, di ba?

And the same goes for men who chase you?
I like tall men. Siyempre maputi rin dapat. My boyfriend is actually Spanish-Chinese—I’m Spanish-Japanese—so minsan singkit mata niya, minsan naman malaki, ha ha!

What pisses you off?
Jealous and meddlesome people. Take for example my boyfriend: he didn’t want me to do this shoot, even though he knew that I wanted to do it. He was thinking I was doing something bastos, pero sabi ko nga, being sexy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bastos. And as far as my boyfriend goes, siguro ang dapat lang niya pakialaman ay kung manlalaki ako, ha ha! But when it comes to my personal life decisions, I’m my own boss.

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