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Cherie Salazar - The Girls of FHM - November 2007

LA's hot property<br />
| Nov 7, 2007
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We were doing some online stalking when we chanced upon—a realtor’s website!
Ha ha! You’re right, that is my website and I am a realtor. No, I don’t think you guys are stalkers either—it just shows you do your research! Anyway, modeling is a hobby for me; I do it as a sideline. I was actually modeling before I got into real estate but I couldn’t drop it when I started my new career. I’ve always loved being in front of the camera. Hey, I can do both!

As a realtor do you have your photos and contact details posted on benches or buses, just like in the movies?
As far as my advertising goes, no I do not have my picture on every bus stop bench! That’s kind of cheesy, if you ask me! However, I do send out those annoying realtor emails to everyone on my contact list! Ha ha, watch out, I may get your email address next!

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