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Chloe Dauden - March 2013

<em>Party Pilipas</em> and former beauty queen Chloe Dauden can outswim you&mdash;pageant legs, half-Irish genes and dazzling breaststroke skills notwithstanding
by Khyne Palumar | Mar 27, 2013
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If you had to sunbathe topless or bottomless, which would you choose?
Topless. I’m just not comfortable showing, you know… Ha ha ha! Kasi topless kayang-kaya ko naman yun. It’s easier because a lot of people are doing it, and a lot of women, kaya naman talagang gawin yun. As opposed to...parang it’s awkward lang kapag it’s bottom.

If caught in a sinking ship, would you sink or swim?
Swim. Magaling akong lumangoy. Kasi when I was young, I was four years old, binato ako ng tita ko sa pool, that’s how I learned to swim. Ha ha ha! The easiest for me? Breaststroke.

What sea creature best describes your personality?
Fish. My birthday is in March, so I’m Piscean. They say Pisceans are transparent, emotional, and others- centered. I also say fish because it’s my favorite pet. Kasi takot ako sa dogs, takot ako sa cat. So ever since I was small, that was the only pet I could have.

In a sexual fantasy world, would you rather swim with mermen or be trapped in a pirate ship?
Swim with mermen. You’re asking even if pangit sila? Okay lang. Men pa rin naman sila. Ha ha! Ang landi.

If a man was dying of sunburn and the only way to save him was licking the affected areas, would you do it ?
Yes. Ang bait ko naman. “Would you do it?”  “Yes.” Ha ha ha!

Give us your theory on the origin of the word 'bikini.'
I don’t have an idea, but when you say bikini kasi it sounds so tiny. So when you say tiny parang only the smallest parts of your body are covered. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a malaking bikini. That’s my theory.

Who would you rather be stranded on an island with, a muscled mute guy, or an unattractive smooth-talker?
The smooth talker. Kasi mas ma-e-entertain ako sa kanya, hindi kami mauubusan ng conversation. And I don’t know, mas challenging yun, kaysa pag attractive men, masarap lang tingnan. Mas gusto ko yung may nakakausap ako, and then I get to know him more.

Fill in the blanks: The last time I went wild on the beach I got drunk and ___________.
I got drunk and forgot to pay the bill. Ha ha ha! And then the bouncer knocked on my hotel room. This was in Boracay. I was out with friends, and then I came back to the hotel. My friend was left in the bar, but they didn’t see him, so pinadala nila yung bill sa hotel. And I paid anyway.

What’s the weirdest remedy you know for vacation emergencies?
Yung mga nakakaapak ng sea urchin. You have to pee on them daw, I’ve never actually witnessed one. Pero that sounds weird.

Pick your teammate for a water fight: Charice, Madam Auring, or Miriam Defensor-Santiago?
I think, Madam Auring. Wala lang, nakakaaliw. Saka lagi siyang nasa beach di ba? Sa mga video niya.

Pick your date: Ramon Bautista in a banana hammock or Tado in neon board shorts?
Tado. Mas bata si Tado eh. Ha ha ha! Also, mas gusto ko yung shorts niya, mas bet ko lang, para maiba, kasi feeling ko maraming mag-Ra-Ramon Bautista.

Among the sea animals, who would you kill, fuck, or marry?
Ang kulit naman. Sea animals. Sige—Kill… I’d kill sharks. I’d marry dolphins. Tapos…ha ha ha! Ano ba? Nakakatawa yung fuck. Um, sige. Fuck whales. Para malaki.

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Photography Paolo Pineda Styling Jeff Galang Makeup Janina Dizon Hair Kim Rañoa
Special thanks to Karl Orteza
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