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Cindy Mecayer - April 2013

Cindy Mecayer gives eye-opening advice&mdash;if you could bear to tear your eyes away from her long enough to read it<br /><br />
by mich r. lagdameo | Apr 23, 2013
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Did you ever think you would pose for FHM?
Actually, hindi po. I was just invited by friends to do a shoot for fun. Pero after I saw my pictures, nagulat ako. I couldn’t believe it was me! Ha ha! So that’s when I started modeling, but hindi ko pa rin inakalang lalabas ako sa FHM.

We like making dreams come true. But despite the model trappings you still seem like a regular gal. What keeps you busy?
Almost every day, halos regularly after school nasa galaan na ako. Alam mo na, “teeners” pa rin ako. Ha ha!

Such are the perks of being 19 and pretty. So we’re guessing you’re a big party girl?
I’m not a party girl, I just love hanging out with my classmates and friends from school. I’m always online. Nasa Facebook lang ako palagi, kahit nasaan ako naka-on ang FB ko. And I love to eat! Ha ha!

Please tell us how the world works for you young kids—do you still wait for guys to make the first move or you don’t mind being more aggressive?
I will make the first move. But Maria Clara pa rin ako, ihuhulog ko yung panyo ko and I will wait for the guy to pick it up and return it to me. Tapos magpapakipot ako. Ha ha! Tapos sasagutin ko siya pag naka- 100,000 Likes na yung FB page ko. Ha ha!

That’s kind of a traditional meets modern approach to courtship. What other quirky adventures are on your bucket list ?
I would like to do photo shoots in Singapore, Europe, and Boracay. And I would also like to do a shoot in a desert. Adventure yun, kasi pag sa gulf country ang shoot kasi mukhang bawal ang sexy photo shoot doon.

What do you find sexy about yourself?
My eyes. Yun lagi ang nagugustuhan ng mga nanliligaw sa akin. And my mom agrees.

What about the guys you find interesting? Should they possess similarly "beautiful eyes"?
I’d like to date a guy with beautiful eyes and defined muscles. I say muscles kasi I would feel safe with him. I’m interested in guys with abs! Ha ha!

That counts all of us out then. But still, what advice would you give guys who want to date models?
You don’t have to be showy, just be yourself. And you don’t have to be rich to be my boy. Ha ha! I would still want to date a regular person, ayaw ko ng “showbiz” ang dating ng guy.

You’ve just given hope to thousands of Regular Joes. Best they know: What are your dealbreakers or turn-offs?
Ayaw ko nang nililigawan ako sa kanto, sa Facebook, sa bar, o kung saan-saan lang. Kahit pa sobrang like ko yung guy, mate-turn off ako.

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Photography Aaron Ebio Styling DJ Angelo Hair and Makeup Alexis Isis
Shot on location at Olympia Pearl Resort; Special thanks to RedCouch Productions
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