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Czarina Polman - September 2004

| Sep 1, 2004
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You’re appearing in your first movie. What were you up to before you got to this point?
I started with commercials first, then I joined this contest (Miss Teen Philippines). After that, Jojo Veloso asked me to join Face of the Year. And then they gave me a commercial for Rejoice, then I made my way to Hong Kong. I made a movie when I was there. It was called Three Nasty Guys, a comedy, starring Sammo Hung. After that, I stopped, I had to go back to Australia, to finish school, but I didn’t. The year I stopped my studies, I was asked to do modeling again. There were a lot of offers for movies, but at the time I wasn’t prepared. Then I read Makamundo’s story, which was nice. Then I found out it would star Joko Diaz and Gardo Verzosa, so I accepted the offer. I play a villain.

Was it a stretch for you to play a bitch?

The naughtiness, it’s, like, me talaga! It’s basically not acting for me. I’m very frank. Pag ayoko, ayoko! Friends will tell me sometimes, “Stop it! You’re not in Australia!” But the thing is, I can’t!
Guys don’t mind a girl who won’t shut her mouth, actually. But we’re not sure a lot of girls would agree.
I can’t help it! It just comes out! Right away! I had a boyfriend, he’s a Filipino. He really liked me because I was so frank. His mom bought this collectible from Italy daw. Lahat sila, “It’s nice.” Then they asked me what I thought of it. I said out loud, “It’s not nice at all! It looks like Ursula [from The Little Mermaid]!” Ang hirap naman kung pigilin mo, di ba?

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