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Denessie Baysa - October 2009
<p>Macau-based model Denessie likes chubby guys and kisses girl friends to shoo guys who hit on her. Just the kind of lady you’d love to start the month with</p>
| Oct 1, 2009
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Being a professional model with an almost perfect body, did you still take the time to prepare for this shoot?
My friend told me about this a month before I arrived here in the Philippines. So I did what most models do: go on a diet. I didn’t eat rice for a while. I didn’t exercise, though. Tamad kasi ako, ha ha!

How does your boyfriend feel about you posing for a men’s magazine?
He’s been very supportive about it from the start. He was even the one who asked me to do it. He understands me because he already knew that I’ve been doing this before we started dating. 

Having a long distance relationship must be hard since you’re based in Macau. How do you manage to stay together?
We always communicate or chat via webcam. I also take topless photos of myself in my underwear and I email them to him. But I don’t show my whole face, just my mole or the tattoo on my back.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with your boyfriend to make up for lost time?
Well, we were apart for two years. So when I went back home, we did a lot of crazy things. There was this one time when we had a quickie inside an open closet in their house while his mom was there.

Photography: BORJ MENESES
Interview: DUDI AUREUS
Styling: JEN TENG

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