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DJ Miki Taka - May 2013

Make some noise for DJ Miki Taka
| Apr 30, 2013
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How did you get into being a DJ?
Honestly, I lucked out by meeting people who believed in me and were willing to take a chance to make me believe in myself. While living in New York City, my manager and dear friend, Kim Loan, convinced me to take a leap of faith.

So did this all happen really fast?
Within weeks of quitting my job, she had lined up gigs, a full tour, and sponsors…and well, the rest is history. I’m forever grateful for her and all the people who gave me the opportunity to pursue a dream I never would have thought could become reality.

What techniques do you use to get people on the dance floor?
To a large extent, DJing requires good instinct, since crowd-reading is essential. Before I even get behind the decks, I feel out the environment, crowd, and overall mood so I can cater to the combined elements. But beyond that, I like to get involved, whether it means jumping on the mic or dancing around like an idiot. I play with them.

What tips can you give a guy in approaching a girl in the club?
Keep in mind that girls tend to travel in packs, especially in club settings! With that said, I think it’s good to be aware that when you plan to approach a girl, you will be sized up by her friends too, so make sure to acknowledge them. The last thing you want to deal with is the “protective” or “jealous” friend. Stick with something relevant, like the music or perhaps a compliment about her outfit.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the club?
I’ve done more than my fair share of crazy, stupid things in the club, considering the amount of time I’ve spent in them. The craziest is a bit too juicy to tell… But I can say, I’m much more tame than I used to be.

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Photography Kelby Montojo  Styling Alex Abad  Hair and Makeup Angel Hoese
Shot on location at UNO Bar and Lounge ; Bikini by Nudo Swimwear
Special thanks to Escade Media Entertainment and Management, Arojo Santos and friends, Ajie of Uno Bar, Dr. Roland Perez 
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